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Software Engineering

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Web Apps

Better than an app, better than a website!
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Web design

Complete web developments tailored to what you need.

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Online system

Put your system in the cloud and manage your company from wherever you are.

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We analyze the results of your marketing strategies so that you can make the best decisions.

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About us

Jonica is an Argentine company specialized in software development applied to digital commerce. At Jonica we seek to empower companies through the use of new technologies, maximizing data value and generating efficient processes. Each project is carried out individually and tailored to our clients.


Design and development of web applications

Adaptive development

Having a web app allows you to have a web page and an app at the same time. This saves you in production, since both work together on the same server.

Incorporate new resources

Grow your business with powerful mobile marketing features like automatic review generation, geolocated and rich push messages, customer loyalty and much more.

Break the limits

With a web application you can have a worldwide reach, since internet search engines will position you automatically, reaching the public looking for your products or services more efficiently.

Does not take up space

The app is weightless, so it will avoid storage problems on your customers' cell phones. It works like a web browser, but with the benefits of an app (for example, it allows notifications).

Complete work

Do you want us to take care of everything? Our team will design, program and publish an app specifically made for your business, taking advantage of our pre-developed technology.


If you need advice, we work with you in each phase of the project, from the initial definition of the idea to publication, through the design, development and launch of your application.




Designing since 2005

Nowadays, websites are a key element for any company, since they are the first point of contact with the customer on the Internet. That is why we use the latest technologies in programming languages and security to provide a competitive, reliable end product that stands out worldwide.

Contract web service

Online Systems

We have successfully implemented a project methodology focused mainly on collaborative work from the online system. We have tools focused on technical development, communication, control and management of ideas to facilitate work and strongly integrate the client in the production process.

Want my system

Automation Test

software testing has become a critical, growing part of the development lifecycle. Traditionally it was relied on large teams performing manual test cases. Dev lifecycle is also one of the parts of the process that relies on actions that are to be repeated continously over time. In recent years, teams have found the key answer to facilitate a faster deployment cycle: automation.


Teams are beginning to be more inclusive of automation to the simple fact that it increases speed, efficiency and coverage of the application being developed.


Automated testing is a compound of tools, scripts, and software to perform pre defined test cases on several levels or layers of the application. This prevents the owner of the process to repeatedly perform the same actions over and over again, leading to the loss of time which worsens in every iteration of the development cycle when adding new features to the app.


The short answer to this is that it’s ideal to have an automated script in place whenever you feel like you are repeating yourself with a test case more than once or twice. But the long answer is a little more nuanced. Manual testing will always be a mandatory first step for creating original scripts. Exploratory testing and manual testing are crucial steps for young products and for setting up your eventual automated test cases. However, as your development strategy adopts a more agile development framework, your testing strategy will eventually have to scale in order to match that.

Analytics and SEO

We are experts in content analysis and search engine optimization (SEO). Web analytics consists on the use of tools to extract data that allow you to analyze how your potential customers see you and how your potential customers find you on the Internet, thus being able to draw conclusions and make the best decisions for your company. SEO refers to the set of techniques that are used to improve the visibility of a website on the Internet, based on a favorable positioning in the results of search engines.

  • Brand Analysis
  • Key performance indicators
  • Traffic capture
  • Main and sole objective of the online marketing strategy


Improve your digital marketing strategy and your business results.

One of the keys to increasing sales is understanding the micro-moments of your consumers. When someone has a very specific need and turns to their smartphone to find that product or that brand, they have to be yours! That is why we shorten the processes to take the product to your users' cell phone and from there to the shopping cart.


Hello, were you looking for us?

Side by side with our clients, Jonica continues working. If you want us to be your next technology partner, we would love to hear from you.

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  • +54 221 455-3641
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